• Why Mahatma Gandhi Was Killed ???

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    Al Qaeda of INDIA = Gang/Mafia of - RSS/ VHP/ BJP/ Orthodox Brahmins !!!

    Yeah ! It's 100% True !

    # But Note:- I'm only Daring Honestly to Tell the - Harsh Ground Level Truths/ Realities -- Which Exists In INDIA Since 2000 Yrs. U May Go Through - Stockholm Syndrome - But Remember that's a Sign of Depression !

    --- SomeOne Had to Do this - It Is Just that - I Decided/Chose to SpeakOut ! -- In the Interest of 98 Crore (980 Million) Indians & For their Right to Live With Dignity & Denied Fundamental Rights In Today's Partially FREE India !!! Partially B/c India Is FREE Only for Orthodox Brahmins & their Slaves -- If Non-Brahmin Indians Demands their Fundamental Rights - Police-Men/Goons Are Sent to Hunt them Down !!

    INDIA Has 2000Yrs Old - Brahmin Caste Gang/Mafia , More Organised - Dangerous - InHuman than -- Al Qaeda ! Has Vast Experience of Over 3000Yrs. With It's Agents Spread all Over System : Bureaucracy = IAS-IPS officers - Police - Judiciary - Media - Educational Institutions - Religious Heads , With Clear Aim to Keep Fellow Indians = Non-Brahmin Hindus/Rest - Hungry - Naked - Sick - illiterate - Vulnerable -- to Minimise threat to Continuance of Brahminical Mafia Rule In India. One of the Member - of Their Terrorist/Militant OutFit = RSS, NathuRam Godse - a Brahmin by Caste - Had Shot Dead Mahatma Gandhi - a Bania by Caste On 30/01/1948.

    --- RSS = Rashtriya Sawayam Sevak Sangh ( Born In 1925 ) - A Terrorist/Militant OutFit of Orthodox Brahmins, Head Quarter at: Nagpur - Maharashtra. BJP = Bhartiye Janta Party. VHP = Viswa Hindu Parishad. -- RSS Is like a - Real Estate - It Has Occupied/ Encroached -- Thousands of Acres of Land Across India. Recently they were Set to - Occupy/ Encroach - 2700 Acres of Land in Rajasthan On the Pretext of Opening Eduational Instituition. Land Were Allotted to RSS Almost Free Of Cost. RSS Builds their Forts/ Kingdom on these Land With Access Only to Orthodox Brahmins & their Slaves !

    Q. Why RSS/VHP/ BajrangDal/Orthodox Brahmins -- React So Aggressively When Non-Brahmin Hindus /Tribals -- Voluntarily Converts & Become = Christian/ Buddhist/ Sikh/ Muslim ??? So Much So that they (RSS/VHP) Want Anti-Conversion Law ???

    Ans:- (1.) B/c the Non-Brahmin Hindus/ Tribals - Forms the Foundation of Huge Pyramid on Whose TOP Orthodox Brahmins/ RSS/VHP -- Sits/Rides/Shit - Since 2000yrs. In Absence of Non-Brahmin Hindus On Whose Head Orthx. Brahmins/ RSS/ VHP - Would Sit /Ride --- B/c Christians/ Sikhs/ Muslims/ Buddhist -- Don't Allow Brahmins/ RSS/ VHP -- to Sit On Their Heads ! Simple !

    (2.) Call for Anti-Conversion Law - Is a Proof - that Orthodox Brahmins/ RSS/ VHP - Are Not Going to Change their In-Human Attitude Towards - Non-Brahmin Hindus At Any Cost ! -- Anti-Conversion Law will Ensure that Non-Brahmin Hindus Can Escape Hinduism Till they are Alive - Orthodox Brahmins want All the Escaping Doors to be Closed ! -- Means If You Are Non-Brahmin Hindu then You'll Have to Have Allow Brahmins to Sit On Your Heads !

    ---- That's Why RSS Chief = K. S. Sudarshan Said: Hindus Must Produce - THREE ( 03 ) Or More Children ! Got It ???

    ---- If Orthodox Brahmins / RSS/ VHP - Changed their IN-Human Attitude Towards Fellow Non-Brahmin Hindus - Not A Single Non-Brahmin Hindu will Ever Convert to Any Other Religion - I Bet ! This the ROOT of the Problem - Why Doesn't RSS Chief K. S. Sudarshan Or Gujarat CM Narendra Modi Or Media - Speaks Against the Orthodox Brahmins ??? If they Are Really Brave & Have Guts and Concerned About the Problem ! Both Sudarshan & CM Modi Knows Very Well that Attitude of Orthodox Brahmins Is the Main Culprit If Conversions Have Taken Place -- But Despite this - How Can they (Modi & Sudarshan) Dare to Speak Against their Masters/Owners = Orthodox Brahmins ? As they Know they Will Be Thrown Out Like L. K. Advani. -- Licking the Up (Orthx. Brahmins) & Kicking the Down = Helpless Fellow Non-Brahmin Hindus - Can't Be Called Bravery/ Patriotism ! Gujarat CM Modi Has Guts to Bark At/ Criticise the Supreme Court But Don't Have Guts to Even think/Speak Against His Owners/ Masters = Orth. Brahmins of RSS.

    --- Will Orthodox Brahmins Remain Hindus -- If they (Or. Brahmins) -- TOO - Are/Were Treated Exactly - the Way Orth. Brahmins - Treat - the Non-Brahmin Hindus ??? (With Same Attitude & Mind-Set) Ans: Is No ! Orth. Brahmins Would Have Dumped Hinduism In 05 Minutes ! Non-Brahmin Hindus Does Not Feel Sense of Belongingness To Hinduism B/c they for Not Being Brahmins Are Open to All Sorts of Exlpoitations By Brahmins From Birth to Death & Even after Deaths.

    --- Orthodox Brahmins are Brahmins First Doesn't Matter Who/Where they Are then Humans & Never Indians. ProoF: Orth. Brahmin Late Ex PM P.V. Narasimha Rao Tried to Kill the Very Congress Party Which Made Him PM of India, So that RSS/BJP Could Grow B/c Only RSS/BJP Could Carry Forward Hard-Core Brahminism. Orth. Brahmins Don't Love India, they Just Exploit/Use India/Indians For their Personal Ends. They (Orth. Brahmins) Only Wants their Developments & At the Sametime Brahmins Don't Want Development of Non-Brahmin Indians.

    -- Orthodox Brahmins In RSS = The Parent Outfit of BJP - Had Raised BJP to Capture Power Both at Centre/States. The So Called Leaders of BJP are Basically - Slaves/Orderly/Agents of RSS & Not People of Integrity/ Self Respect - Their Main Job Is to Capture Power - AnyHow & then Serve/Cater the Reins of Govts (Centre/States) - In the Plate of RSS Men - with PM/CMs Becoming Just Rubber Stamps. Actual Power Remains In the Hands of RSS Men/ Orthodox Brahmins. They (RSS Men) give Orders Directly to Local Administrations & Take Major Dicisions. Proof/Example = (i) Extra Constitutional Body, RSS Men Use to See Govt Files at the Official Residence of Former PM A. B. Vajpayee (Clear Case of Breach of Privilage & Oath taken at the Time Becoming PM) & Use to Talk to Press From there - When BJP-NDA was In Power at the Centre. (ii) In Gujarat - It's the RSS Men Who Controls the Administration - Result We Have Seen ! (iii) Go & See Yourself Who Rules In those States where BJP Is In Power = Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh. When RSS Goons Go & Attacks Poor/Arms-Less Indians On Caste/ Communal Lines -- Police Men are Told in Advance - Not to Stop/Arrest them (RSS Goons) -- See How Brave they Are ! --- But Tell them (Cowards RSS Men) to Join Army & face Terrorists In Kashmir - they will be Down with Diarrhoea ! --- When L. K. Advani Praised Jinnah In Pakistan, He Had Clearly Forgotten that His Masters In RSS will Not Like this - Result = Advani was Cut to Size & Wings Chopped-Off ! -- Angry RSS Chief K. S. Sudarshan Said: Politics Is Like a Prostitute, Which Keeps Changing It's Cloths & Make-Up ! -- When Over Confidant L. K. Advani - Launched -- India Shining Campaign - Advani Proved Beyond Doubt that He Does Not Understand India & Our (Common Man's ) Basic Problems Or Don't Care For Us ! May Be B/c Advani had Come from Pakistan ! INDIA has Given Advani So Much - BUT - What has Advani Given to INDIA ??? Except for the Divisions On Caste/ Communal Lines - Just to Capture Power ! Looking at Entire Political Life of Advani has only Derailed Our Progress & Disturbed Us By Divisive Politics - Which only India's Enemy Can Do - Are You Pak's ISI Agent Mr.Advani ??? I'm Not Scared of Pakistan - BUT - Yes I'm Scared of Your Cunning & In-Human Politics ! As Home Minister You Did Nothing Except Beating the Bushes, Protecting Gujarat CM Narendra Modi & Getting Your Name Dropped From Babri Masjid Demolition Case. You are Bane/Burden for India & Appear to Be Mentally Sick ! Advani & BJP as a Whole - Does Not Love INDIA , They Just Use/ Exploit India/ Indians For Personal Ends ! Mr. Advani Plz. Leave India & Go Back to Pakistan and Let We Indians Live In Peace !

    --- Since I'm a Non Brahmin Hindu, Blind Supporters of RSS/BJP Mostly Orthodox Brahmins Use to Tell Me as 2004 Lok Sabha Elections Approached : 1000s of Pakistan's ISI Agents Coming to India from Bangladesh - The Number of ISI Agents are Going Like Never Before - We Hindus are Under Constant - Threats - We Must Fight, Wake-Up ! Basiaclly those Supporters of RSS/BJP/VHP - Tried/Wanted/Tries -- To Creat - Un-Realistic Fears (Mountain out of Mole Hill) -- In Our Minds - Pakistan With the Help these ISI Agents - Will Kill Us the Very Next Day -- So that We Hindus are Forced to - Vote For BJP/Allies Only - Out of Fear - Means - RSS/BJP Want to Captalise/Exploit this Fear !
    My Ans. Is Always this: If Situation Is So Grave - Then Why Don't You Brahmins Pick-Up Arms to Fight them ? Why Always You Brahmins Only Push/Provoke - We Non-Brahmin Hindus to Fight ? ---- Further -- I'm Not Scared of Pakistan Or ISI Agents - As I Don't Feel Threatened at All - B/c We Indians are Capable of Fighting/Dealing With Both Pakistan & ISI Agents Anyday. We have Defeated Pakistan Every Time they Have Attacked India - We Just Need to be Vigilant/Alert/ Prepared - that's Enough - No Fear/Panic Plz. ! B/c ISI Agents are Not Pesent InSide Our Govt/System. ----- BUT --- I Yes, I Feel Threatened When See -- RSS/BJP/VHP/ BajrangDal/ Shiv Sena/ Orthodox Brahmins -- In Power/System/ Govts ---- B/c It Is these Indian Britishers = RSS/BJP/ Orthx. Brahmins/ Rest -- Who Have Consistently Been Denying Our (Non-Brahmin Hindus/ Rest Indians) ---- Fundamental Rights & Will Continue to Do So If Not Up-Rooted. Pakistan Or ISI Agents Can't Deny Our Fundl. Rights. Pakistan Can Never Even Touch Us B/c Our Brave Indian Army Is there to Take Care. --- BUT Yes I Fear that - RSS/BJP/Rest - May Kill Us All (Non-Brahmin Indians) -- If we Dare to Protest/ Speak-Out/ Disagree - On Any Issue -- On the Name of - Internal Security - E.g. Tehelka People. AND - a Nanavati Type of Commn. will Declare Us Traitors and Give Clean Chit to All Accused - Like Delhi Police In Jessica Lall Murder Case - Or Vajpayee on Tv Will Give Chit to All. E.g. Tehelka ! -- Traller We Have Seen In Gujarat.

    ----- By Creating Un-Realistic Fears of Pakistan, ISI Agents - RSS/BJP - Want to Force Us to Vote for them (RSS/BJP) Only. RSS/BJP Means : Allow Us Rule - Without Expecting -- Basic Developments/ Accountibilities - Forget About Fundamental Rights - Even If We Kill/Rape - Don't SpeakOut - Just Keep Voting For Us (RSS/BJP). Feel Lucky for Atleast Being Alive at the Mercy of RSS/BJP !

    --- We all Know Pakistan Is Our Enemy, So It's Easy to Deal - BUT - When You Don't Know Who Your Enemy Is - then It Becomes Very Difficult to Deal with them - RSS/BJP/ Orthx. Brahmins - Are Our Such Enemies - Whom Most of Us Don't Know/Realise/ Recognise - So It will be Difficult to Deal & Get Rid-Off - From them - B/c Enemy With-In (RSS/BJP) More Dangerous than Enemy Out-Side (Pakistan). What Religious Fanaticism Could Lead to - We Have Very Good Examples On Both Sides of Our Country - In West = Pakistan, In East = Bangaladesh. We Indians Can't Be Such Fools !

    ---- Realising that they Met the Wrong Person - RSS/BJP Suppoeters Says: You are Really Brainy ! (KaFi Dimaag Hai Apke Pass !) { Means: They (RSS/BJP Men) Were Sure I Can Never have Brains B/c I was Non-Brahmin Hindu.} What's Your Caste ??? They Always Ask Me !

    -- Everytime Pakistan Sents Terrorists to India - Pakistan Virtually Openly Accepts that - They (Pak) Can't Face Our Brave Indian Army - Head-On/ On BattleField ! --- Using this Fear - RSS/BJP Just Want to Shift Our Focus from Basic Problems B/c they (RSS/BJP) Don't Want Our (Non-Brahmin Hindus/ Rest Indian) Development - Just Want Us to Keep - Hungry/ Naked/ Sick/ illiterate/ Vulnerable. That's Why RSS/BJP/Rest - Never Raises the Issues of Basic Developments Concernig the 98 Crore Common Man of India & Only Raises Emotive Issues Which Can Never Lead to the Prosperity of Common Man !

    --- If this Is What We Have to Go through - THEN - Intead of Voting for RSS/BJP - It Will Be Better to Call Back the - Original Britishers from Britain Itself - Why to Allow their Clones = RSS/BJP/ Orthx. Brahmins to Rule/Kill Us ??? Exploiting this Fear RSS/BJP/ Orthox. Brahmins Want to Establish - Brahminical Mafia Rule - Password = Hindutva/ Hindu Rastra - With All TOP Posts/Jobs Reserved for Brahmins Only ! With Insects Non-Brahmin Indians Left to Die Or Join 3rd Garde Jobs, End Up in Army & Labourers !

    --- When Ever I See RSS/BJP/ BajrangDal - On Tv - I Feel they (RSS Men) - Are - Threatening/ Reminding - Me/Us - that If - We Non-Brahmin Indians - Dis-Agreed With their (RSS Men's) - Views - THEN - They (RSS Men) Would Kill Us All (Non-Brahmin Indians). -- Proof = When Vajpayee/ Advani Led RSS/BJP/ BajrangDal Govt was In Power at Centre - RSS/ BajrangDal/ ABVP Men/Goons -- Had Attacked Youths All Over India/Delhi - For Daring to Celeberate - 14th - Feb - Valentine's Day -- With Delhi/Rest Police Men Told From Higher Levels - Not to Stop/ Arrest them (RSS Men) ! Youths Were Dragged Out of Restaurants/ Card Shops & Beaten/ Humiliated/ their Hairs Were Cut/ Video Recording Was Done ! Is this Democracy ???

    --- It Is True that Pakistan Tries - to Exploit/Use/ Emotionally Blackmail - Indian Muslims On Religious Lines & Try to Recruit them as ISI Agents --- But So Far Indian Muslims Have Shown Huge Maturity --- Majority Know that Pakistan Is Only Interested In Expanding It's Territory/Border -- Barring Few Isolated Cases Here & there ! Proof: Muslims are In Indian Army as well & So Far they Have Spotless Records Like Rest. Beside there Have Been Few Cases where Hindus were Caught Spying/Working for Pakistan for Money - Can we Generalise this ? So Same Applies to Indian Muslims Also ! Simple !

    --- B/c Indian Muslims Know it Very Well that Pakistan Is Not their Well-Wisher -- If Pakistan Had Been then : ----- Why Pakistanis Have Consistently Been -- Killing/ Raping/ Sodomising -- The Original Muslims Inhabitants/ Kashmiris of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) Since 1947 ??? -- So Much So that Muslims Kashmiris of POK are Not Allowed to Assemble Even for Festivals - No Tv/Radio/ News Paper/ Schools/ Hospitals & Basic Infrastructures. So Much So that Original Muslim Kashmiris of POK - Every Year Observe - November 01 (ONE) - As Repentance Day -- For Joining/Going With Pakiatan ! NoBody Should be Surprised If Pakistan Someday Decides to Kill All Original Kashmiris of POK !!! See Magazine Frontline - Dated - 04/June/2004 - Page: 64/65. Beside Pakistanis Hate & Calls Indian Muslims = Mohaajirs (False/Cheap/ Lower level Muslims) --- Like Orthox. Brahmins Hate Fellow Non-Brahmin Hindus ! Also Not to Forget that Pakistanis Use to Kill/ Rape/ Sodomise - the Bangladeshis Before 1971 then Kown as East Pakistan -- Which Led to Creation of Bangladesh In 1971 & Rightly So !

    ---- BUT Gujarat Type Incidents Does Creates Insecurites In the Minds of Indian Muslims - Which Is Quite Natural ! -- Didn't Brahmins too Felt Insecured - When Brahmins For Just being Brahmins Were - Attacked/ Killed - All Over India - B/c NathuRam Godse - A Brahmin - Had Shot Dead Mahatma Gandhi In 1948 ???

    -- Brahmins Knowing this Very Well that they (Brahmins) Alone Can Not Keep 98% Non-Brahmin Hindus/Rest Indians - Under their -- Shoes - So they (Brahmins) Created an Army of - Slaves/Orderly/Peons - Called = Upper Caste Hindus - ( 2nd In Hierarchy & Above Rest Non-Brahmin Hindus - with Brahmins on Top) -- To Help Brahmins In - Killing/Raping/Supressing - The Non-Brahmin Hindus/Rest. And it Has Worked !

    ---- The Past/Present Ground Realities In India Proves - that -- Like Loyal Slaves - Upper Caste Hindus -- Have Been - Killing/ Raping/ Sodomising - the Non-Brahmin Hindus/Rest -- Since 2000Yrs to - Please/ Oblige Brahmins & Win Hearts/Blessings - of their Owners/ Bosses = Brahmins ! Upper Castes Hindus Don't Have their Own - Identity - Except that they are Traditional Loyal Slaves/ Sycophants of Brahmins.

    --- Indian Media - Earlier 100% & Now 95% Is Consist/Controlled By Brahmins & 100% Dedicated to the Cause of Brahminism - On Caste Lines/Inerests - Protects/Down Plays the Crimes of Brahmins. That's why RSS/ BJP/ VHP/ Brahmins - Always Get Full Support From Media. And Non-Brahmin Hindus/Rest Indians are Always at Dis-Advantage - As their Problems Never Gets Highlighted.

    --- Best Eg. = We Don't Hate NathuRam Godse as Much he Should Have Been - For Killing Mahatma Gandhi - a Bania by Caste - B/c Brahmin Controlled Media Down Played His Crime -- B/c NathuRam Godse Was a Brahmin. But In Case Mahatma Gandhi would have been a Brahmin & Killer NathuRam Godse a Bania - then - I Bet - Media Would Have Declared Entire - Bania Community as Traitors ! Brahmins Would Have Written 1000 Books On this Topic - Alone ! Plus Every Week - One Article - Would Have Appeared In Every News Paper - So that Nobody Forgets that - A Brahmin Was Shot Dead By a Bania !

    ---- BUT STILL - the Bania Community Is the Biggest Sycophants ( Chamchaa ) of Brahmins Since Over 1000 Yrs - Brahminism Flourished in Biggest Way During - Gupta Period - of Ancient India. Banias Virtually Licks the Slippers of Brahmins. But I Don't See Any Reason For this - As Banias are Self-Dependent/ Hard Working People & Not Parasitical Like Orthodox Brahmins !

    --- When Brahmins Do Brahminism (Brahmanwaad) It's Not Casteism ! -- It's a Natural/ Normal thing In India - Yeah ! - Brahmin Controlled Media Never Says/Writes - It's Casteism - BUT - Where Ever Brahminism Does Not Happens It's Casteism ! Same Media will Cry !

    --- Brahmin Controlled Media Projected - As if Lalu Yadav Is the First Man to Exploit Casteism (Yadavism). Brahmins In Media B/c of their Caste's Interests - Very Cunningly/ CareFully - Cover Up/Hide - the Fact - that Brahmins Have Been Doing Brahminism Since 2000 Yrs to Stay In Power. So When Lalu Yadav Exploits Caste Factor - It's Crime/Casteism - BUT - When Brahmins Do Brahminsim - It's Cool/ Natural ! Who Divided Hindu Society On Caste Lines For Selfish Reasons - Orthodox Brahmins Or Lalu Yadav/ Upper Castes/ OBC/ MBC/ Dalits ??? If Brahmins Used/Used Caste As Tool to Kill/Suppress Non-Brahmins - It's OK - But If Lalu Yadav/Rest Uses Caste as Weapon to Unite People Against Orthodox Brahmins's Exploitations -- It's Casteism - Wow ! The Brahmins In Media Say: They People Like Lalu Yadav Are Dividing Indian Society On Caste Lines ! Really -- It's Lalu/Rest Or Brahmins At the Root Level ??? Point Is How Can Brahmins & their Slaves In Media Can Point Finger Towards orth. Brahmins ? Q. Is How ?

    --- The Way Media Treats Lalu Pd. Yadav & Left Parties (CPI/CPI-M) --- If RSS/BJP/ NDA Leaders too Are Put to Same Treatement - then Not a Single Leader of RSS/BJP/ NDA Whether It's Vajpayee Or Advani - will be Able Show their Faces in Public ! If their Crimes Like: Delayed Retaliation To Kargil Attack/ Why Safe Passage Was Given to Pakistan Army to Withdraw ?/ Aluminium Coffins Scam, IC 814 - IA's - Plane Kandahar Hijack - BJP/NDA Govts Looked More Inclined In Releasing the Hard-Core Terrorists - Plus: Even though there Was an Advance Information that Hijacked Plane Was Going to Land at Amritsar Airport - Why Was IC814 Plane Not Prevented From Flying Out of India ???, Gujarat Riots Where Not Just Innocent Indian Muslims BUT Hindus too were Attacked/ Killed E.g. BestBakery where Along with Poor & Un-Armed Indian Muslims - Atleast THREE (03) Poor Hindus Hands were Tied & Burnt Alive, India Shining Campaign - Proved that Either RSS/BJP/ NDA Don't Understand Basic Problems of Indians Or Don't Care For 98 Crore Indians, When India Was Going For Nuclear Blasts In 1998 - Then PM A.B. Vajpayee - Had Categorically Ordered that - then Defence Minister George Fernandes - Should Not Be Told at Any Cost About the Plan - To Avoid Leakage - If Vajpayee Had No Trust On Fernandes then Why was George Fernandes Made & Continued as Defence Minister ??? -- These Crimes of BJP/NDA are Enough to Force them to Go In Hiding ! BUT Brahmins In Media B/c of their Caste's Interests/ Factors - Don't Ask Difficult Questions From RSS/BJP Always, B/c Only RSS/BJP Can Carry-On Brahminism ! Just Imagine If a Non BJP/RSS Party Would Have Done All the Above things - I Bet Brahmins In Media Would have Declared War ! In Recent Past Brahmins In Media have Used Media as Weapon to Humiliate Indians On Caste & Communal Lines ! Is Solid Proof of their Casteist Hatred Mind-Set ! TARGET Is: To Keep the Confidence Level/ Self-Esteem/ Morale Down of Non-Brahmin Hindus/ Rest Indians ! CoOoL !

    --- Let Me Show You How Brahmins Peresent In Media Protects, Down-Plays the Crimes of RSS/BJP/VHP/ Brahmins:-

    -- Best Example = (i). Recently When 06 MPs of BJP Out of Rest - were Caught On Camera taking Money for Raising Qs. In Parliament : See How Doordarshan's DD News Hindi News Reader = Neelam Sharma (Brahmin) Tried to Play-Down the Issue:- It's DD News's Hindi News Samachar Plus - 09 pm. - Date: 20/December/2005 - News Reader Neelam Sharma Has - Subhas Kasyap (Brahmin) As Guest On the Show -- Both Neelam Sharma & Subhas Kasyap Has Done their Home Works -- AND Both Tried their Best to Play-Down the Importance of the News & Tried to Project that Since MP of Every all Party has been - So It would be Un-Fair to Criticise BJP alone Just B/c 06 MPs of were Caught. Both Tried to Make It Look Like Just Another Case of Curruption/ Normal Crime Which Keeps Happening Everyday - Neelam Sharma Asks has Such a thing Happened In Past - Yes, Said Subhas Kasyap - In 1951 when Nehru was PM, One Congress MP was Expelled From Lok Sabha on similar Charge -- A Happy Neelam Sharma Said: Oh so this Isn't First time - Means Both Tried their Best to Protect BJP & Lessen the Damage Casused By BJP MPs Caught for Cash for Qs. It Virtually Looked as if Neelam Sharma Is Either Blind Supporter of BJP Or Taken Money to Play-Down the Issue ! ------ (ii). Few Days After BJP/NDA Lost Power at Centre In 2004 Lok Sabha Elections -- One Evening On DD News's Hindi News at 08 pm. -- Again News Reader Neelam Sharma Had a Journalist as Guest On the Show -- The Moment the Journalist Guest Started Speaking Against -- BJP --- Neelam Sharma Lost Her Cool - Stopped the Journalist From Speaking On Some Pretext - Continued Redaing News - Took a Break - After the Break Angry Neelam Sharma -- Turned to Journalist Guest, Who Was Made to Look Like a Fool & Said - Aapka Studio Me Aane Ke Liye Sukriya (Thanks for Coming to the Studio). What Is this ??? Neelam Sharma Is Free to Support BJP In Her Personal Life -- But If She Can't Demarcate/ Separate Her Personal & Professional Life -- then - She (Neelam Sharma) Should Resign ! -- From DD News - AND - Join News Channel = AAJ TAK . Simple ! -- People Who Can Speak Ground Level Realites/ Truths & Problems of Common-Man - Are Never Invited Into the News Channels Studios Or If Invited then, News Readers Will Not allow them to Speak Under Some Pretext Like: Break Or We R Running Out of Time !

    How Genetically Criminal Minded Brahmins Are? For Eg. See Point: 22 (P):-

    22(P) Titles & Surnames ON Caste Lines:- For the Cause of Brahmanism, Identification of a Brahmanical Agent - Was - Is - Must, by Another Fellow Brahmanical Agent, So a System of Titles & Surnames was Developed. In Which all Brahmans had to Keep Fixed Titles/Surnames Meaning the Person is Brahman by Caste. Eg = Shastri, Kulkarni, Joshi, Sharma, Giri, Mahajan, Malhotra, Pandey, Pandaya, Panda, Parikh, Puri, Pant, Sen, Swami, Sahni, Bhatt, Bhattacharya, Bhatnagar, Basu, Gavaskar, Tendulkar, Palekar, Savarkar, Dadarkar, Bhandarkar, Vashist, Mitra, Awasthi, Goswami, Gaur, Golwalkar, Kausik, Parasar, Vyas, Saraswati, Bhardwaj, Bhagwat, Bhagat, Bhargav, Kashyap, Krishnan, Upadhayay, Vajpayee, Agnihotry, Mishra, Pathak, Dutt, Dewedi, Triwedi, Tripathi, Vaidya, Shukla, Ved, Vedi, Chaturvedi, Rao, Dixit, Deshpandey, Dubey, Choubey, Dev, Tiwary, Chakrabarti, Banerjee, Jha, Iyer, Nayak, Reddy. List Is Long. All Denotes that the Person Is a Brahman by Caste !

    Brahmins Also Forced Non-Brahmin Hindus to Keep Fixed - Surnames - On Caste Lines -- So that Brahmins and Non-Brahmin Hindus Can Be - Easily - Recognised/Differentiated ! Eg. Gupta/Modi/Goel/Jaitly/Advani/ Garg /Oberoi For Bania Caste, Yadav, So On .......

    --- ProoF that Brahmins are Genetically Fine Criminals B/c they Developed Surname System 2000Yrs Back.

    No Where In the World Such Kind of thing Exists ! Just Imagine How In-Human/Criminal-Minded Brahmins Were/Are !!

    Don't You Think Indian Brahmins Deserve - Nobel Prize for Developing -- In-Human = Divide & Rule Policy On Caste / Surname Lines -- 2000 Yrs Back ???

    --- Why Hindu Gods/ Goddesses = Shiva/ Rama/ Krishna/ Durgaa/ Kaali - DID Not Try to End - Brahmins Mafia Rule of Over 3000 Yrs ???

    -- It's the Brahmin Priests , Who Decides - As Who Will Enter the Temple. So Hindu Gods are Captive/Hijacked Gods ! Even Hindu Gods Dare Not to Speak Against Powerful Brahmins. OoPs ! Why Only Brahmins Can Become Priests in Temples & Hold Religious Posts ? 2000 Yrs Old Resevation B/c of Money Factor ??? -- Plus We all Know that - Non-Brahmin Hindus - Can not Become Priests/Rest - Even If they Want ? So Point Is - then - How Come they are Hindus ???

    -- Orthodox Brahmins/RSS/VHP/BJP Like Talibans - Want to Live In the - Past - B/c It Is In the Past Only when they Controlled Everything Using the In-Human Rules. In Today's Modern Liberal Open Society/World they See their Deaths as they Know they Can't Survive. That's why they (Orthodox Brahmins / Taliban / Others) Always Want/Try to Revive those InHuman Rules & Regulations which Suites them Best ! - Simple !
    Plus:- When It Comes to Die For India - Orthodox Brahmins Are No Where Seen !

    -- In Past / Present India -- There Is No Evidence - That any Army/Group Consist Only Of Brahmins -- Ever Fought Any War/Enemy/Muslims Invaders (Turks/ Mughals). Brahmins Have Always Provoked/ Pushed - Only Non-Brahmin Hindus (Kshatriyas /Rajputs ...So On.... )/ Rest -- Into War/Fight.
    But Brahmins Just Use to -- Perform Pujas/ Havans/ Yagyas - In Solidarity - Far Away From War Fronts - In Safe Areas (See How Brahmins Fooled Us & Still Sit On Our Heads ! Oh F**K !).

    -- Orthodox Brahmins Hate Muslims Very Much ( Much More than Non-Brahmin Hindus - Almost 95% Non-Brahmin Hindus don't Hate Muslims at all Just B/c they are Muslims !) -- BUT -- Inspite of this - Brahmins themselves Never Picked-Up Arms Against them [ Muslim Invaders (Turks/ Mughals)/ Britishers/ Any Invader ] -- Brahmins Only Provoked/ Pushed Non-Brahmin Hindus Fools/Slaves to Attack Muslims - While Brahmins Enjoyed Tea/Snacks with their Family. OoPs ! ---- Orthodox Brahmins Don't Hate Muslims So Much B/c -- Turks/ Mugals Muslims Had Invaded India In 1100 AD Onwards, - BUT -- B/c No Muslim King - Ever Allowed - Parasitical Brahmins to - Sit On their Heads Like Hindus Kings. And Orthx. Brahmins Don't Like Non-Brahmin Hindus Also ! BUT - Since Brahmins Need Non-Brahmin Hindus(NBHs) to Survive that's why they (Brahmins) Hate them (NBHs) Slightly Less ! - If Non-Brahmin Hindus too Stopped to allow Brahmins to Sit On their Heads - then Ortrhx. Brahmins Will Start Hating them (NBHs) Also Like Muslims ! Simple !
    Best Recent Eg. = 2002 Gujrat Riots -- At Ground Level Not a Single Orthodox Brahmin Went Out & Attacked Muslims Or Took Part In Riots - Yeah It's True ! --- Brahmins Simply/Only Provoked Non-Brahmin Hindu Fools -- To Attack - Poor Helpless Muslims. ---- It Seems Non-Brahmin Hindus (NBHs) Had Forgotten that Orthox. Brahmins Never - Misses - A Single Chance/ Opportunity - of Killing/ Raping the Non-Brahmin Hindus ! By Attacking Indian Muslims NBHs have Only Weakened themselves & Hepled Orthx. Brahmins - Who Want to Divide Us (Non-Brahmin Indians) & Make Us Kill Each Other - One By One B/c Brahmins Want all their Enemies who are Obstacle In the Path of Brahminical Rule - to Die - By Getting Us (Non-Brahmin Indians) Kill Each Other ! Indian Muslims/ Rest Non-Brahmin Indians - Are Our (NBHs) Very Good - Ally - In Up-Rooting the Brahminical Rule From India ! Like Bania Community Is Very Good Ally of Brahmins In Establishing Brahminism !

    -- Wake-Up - You Non-Brahmin Indian Fools Now !!!

    -- Indian Army Has - Rajput - Sikh - Jaat - Gorkha - Dogra - Regiments - BUT --
    - No Brahmin Regiment ! Why ?????

    -- In - 10 Lakh (1 Million) Indian Army Personnel - Brahmins Are Less than 1% -- That too On Top Level B/c Chances of Death Is Minimum at Officer Level & Non Combat Areas of Army.

    --- In Any War Mostly Jawans (Soldiers) Are Killed -- So the Presence of Brahmins Are -- All Most -- ZERO -- at Jawan (Soldier) Level -- So You Will Find Only -- Non-Brahmin Hindus/Rest Indians/Including Muslims - At Jawan/Soldier Level ! Here too Brahmins Played/Playing Games. OoPs ! Officially there Is No Quota System In Army BUT Un-Officially there Is Quota System, Otherwise How Come Brahmins (Whatever their Number Is) - Ends Up At Higher Levels & In Non-Combat Areas of Army, While Non-Brahmin Hindus/ Rest In Combat Areas at Lower Level, Since Chances of Death Is Very High ???

    --- That's Why - RSS/BJP/VHP/Orthodox Brahmins - Are Always Ready to Go to War With Anyone Be It Pakistan/Others -- B/c Brahmins Know they Have Nothing to - Lose ! B/c there are Very Few Brahmins In Indian Army & If Insects Non-Brahmin Hindus/Rest Indians - Are Killed - It's Not a Loss of Brahmins. -- But If - Say 50% Were Brahmins In Indian Army - Then - I Bet Brahmins Would Have Chanted/Parroted - Peace Peace & Peace !

    --- Point Is:- How RSS/ BJP/ Orthodox Brahmins - Can Put the - Lives of Brahmins - In Danger ! OoPs !

    Now Compare - This Ratio of - 1% Brahmins In Army to -- Brahmins - In - IAS/IPS/Police = More than 50% , CBI 80% , Reserve Bank of India 70% , Judiciary 50% , Hindu Religious Heads/Priests 100% , Media 95% , Educational Institutions 50% .

    --- During RSS/BJP/NDA's - 6yrs of Brahminical Rule -- RSS Men Were Pushed Into ARMY In Large Numbers -- What Could Be the Purpose ??? It Can't Be Noble ! In the Light of their Character ! I'm Sure of One thing that these RSS Men/Termites - Will Never Go to Border Areas to Face - the Enemies Or the Terrorists Sent By Pakistan ! As they (RSS Men) Only Have Habit of Pushing Others to Fight Enemies & Killing the Arms-Less Indians On Caste/ Communal Lines Inside India Under Police Protection. Beside they'll Try to Destroy - A Political Nature of Indian Army.

    --- How Come Almost 50% Who Clear/Join -- IAS/IPS/Civil Services - Every Year -- Are Brahmins - In General Category ??? -- Setting -- Or Just a Co-Incident ??? Well ! Chances of Setting Is More B/c there In No Transparency at UPSC ! -- There Is Caste Based Quota In IAS/IPS Since 1947 For Brahmins In General Category At the Cost of Upper Castes B/c Brahmins are Only Born With - Talent & Merit ! That's Why Today India Is the Most Developed Country of the World, Far Ahead of America (USA) - Thanks to Talented Brahmins In IAS/IPS/ Rest Places - Their Talent Has been So Use-ful For India ! OoPs !
    Informations Are Key to Success ! So they Block them:-

    ------ Orthodox Brahmins Always Blocks Most of Informations Regarding Everything & Keep them In the -- Close-Circuit of Brahmins to Brahmins Only - Even Upper-Castes are Kept Out, Forget About Rest Non-Brahmin Indians --- Be It Regarding = Education, Jobs, Fundamental Rights, Constitutional/ Judicials/ Legislatives/ Administratives/ Rest All Types of Rights. So Naturally Brahmins will Have an Edge Over Rest All - B/c they Get to Know all these Important Informations - At very Early Age. AND then Brahmins will Say Only Brahmins Are Born With Merit & Talent ! Rest Are Jerks ! OoPs ! --- Best Example:- Reservation Given to SC/ST In Govt Jobs & In Colleges -- Has No Fixed Time Limit - There Is Also No Clause/Provision of Review After 10/20 yrs Or that It will be Only For 10/20 yrs -- As the People often Write In the Biased Media ! Brahmins Have Kept this Fact Secret ! ------- Only Reservation Given In Parliament & State Assemblies --- Under which MPs/MLAs Seats are Delared Reserved Seats Meaning only SC/ST Can Contest from those Seats -- to Increase Presence of SC/ST In Policy Making Process --- Only This Was Subject to Review After 10 yrs Whether It Should Be Continued Or Not. BUT People/ Orthodox Brahmins Like Subhas C Kashyap, who has written Books On Parliament Always write In Biased Media & Books that Reservation Given to SC/ST In Govt Jobs/Colleges -- Was Only For 10 yrs & He also Always Claim that B.R. Ambedkar had also Agreed to this --- Which Is 100% False. Subhas kashyap Tried to Push through this - Lie - Very Aggressively when RSS/BJP/NDA was In Power For 6 yrs at Centre. Ambedkar who wanted a Separate Country Meant only for SC/ST/OBC - How He Could have Agreed to Such a thing, When He Was 100% Sure & Knew that Brahmins with the Help of their Upper Caste Slaves Can/Will Never Allow Development of SC/ST/OBC at Any Cost. Main Fact Is that Reservation Is working & Empowering SC/ST/OBC & they are Demanding their Fundamental Rights - which orthodox Brahmins & their Slaves are not Able to Digest - So they SomeHow Using all Sorts of Tactics, Want to End Rservation Given to SC/ST/OBC. Till the Caste Based Hatred Remains In India, Reservation Should Also Remain B/c People of SC/ST/OBC Are & Can Be Very Easily --- Victimised ! B/c Nobody Speaks Honestly from their (SC/ST/OBC) Side Be It Caste Based Biased Media Or 33 Crore (330 Million) Types Hindu Gods ! Those Orthodox Brahmins & their Slaves Who Enjoyed 100% Resevation On Pure Caste Lines Since Over 3000 yrs -- Today Want to Deny People Reservation On Caste Lines With Help of Agents In Media - That's their Real Face ! OBC/SC/ST are not Socially & Educationally Backwards By Choice, But B/c they were Kept So By Brahmins/their Slaves By Force & Conspiracy Since Over 3000yrs - Isn't that a Fact ! Can AnyOne Deny this ??? If Any Open-Minded Brahmin/Upper Caste Try to Help OBC/SC/ST People Any Way - Orthodox Brahmins/Upper Caste Abuse/ Criticise/ Boycott them !

    ---- When UnEmployment Is Going Up In India :- RSS/BJP/Ex PM Vajpayee a Brahman Raised the Retirement Age of IAS-IPS Officers from 58 to 60 yrs, B/c Large Number of Brahmans IAS-IPS officers Were Set to Retire, this was done to Keep Brahmans Powerful for Long Time. B/c these Days Non-Brahman Hindus in Large Numbers - Are Getting Into IAS-IPS. Simple ! B/c Brahmans In IAS-IPS Provides, UnInterrupted Support to Mafia of Brahmans. If RSS Is Root then Brahmans In IAS-IPS are Like Main Stem of the Poisonous Tree = Brahmanism. And Same Vajpayee During Many 2004 Lok Sabha Polls Rallies In Bihar & L.K.Advani In Chhattisgarh - URGED - Non-Brahman Hindus - Don't Vote On Caste Lines. OoPs ! Proof: that Rules are Bend For the Brahmins in India BUT this Is Not Casteism.

    --- Dead Language Sanskrit was Imposed By Few 100s Orthodox Brahmin Dictators/ Terrorists - On Indians ( Brahmins Say It's a Language In which Gods Talks) -- Was Made Compulsory to Pass in Sanskrit for 10th Class Students in Many States on the Name of Cultural Heritage (But who Cares for Extra Burden It Puts). B/c Dead Language Sanskrit Projects Brahmins As Living Gods/James Bonds Types & Also Creats Jobs for Brahmins Only B/c In 100 Crore Indians only Few 100s Brahmins Know Sanskrit. Point Is:- The Culture/ Practices of 2% Brahmnis was Made to Look Cultural Heritage of Entire India. BUT Culture/ Practices of 98% Indians Is Nothing but Shit. See 98% Indians were Made to Accept what Few Brahmins wanted -- why it Can't be other way Around - if we Really have Democracy. Who are Brahmins to Decide What we will Study & what Should Our Culture Be Like ?

    --- Hindi Is Spoken in North India by Common Man & Hindi Has Nothoing to do with Sanskrit - BUT - Few Orthodox Brahmins Have Injected Sanskrit words Into Hindi - Making It -- Sanskritised Hindi -- Result = Forget About CommonMan Even Educated Fails to Undestand B/c - In Daily Life Sanskritised Hindi - Is Not Spoken. But Since Few Brahmins Wanted this we Had to Accept, After All India Belongs to Brahmins Fathers' Only. Original Hindi was Left to Die. Govts Works/Orders are Either in English or Sanskritised Hindi - Just Look Around !

    --- Example = Just Watch DD News's Hindi News -- Like Everywhere Except Army, Doordarshan Is Also Dominated By Orthx. Brahmins -- RESULT = Sanskritised Hindi - PLUS -- Doordarshan has Become a Platform to Project/ Impose the So Called Rich Cultural Heritages Burdens of Brahmins. And Not to Forget - All India Radio (AIR) OoPs !

    DID the Mind's Bulb Turn On ???

    -- I'm an Indian, Born In a Non-Brahmin Hindu Family, But My Religion Is Science - B/c Everything In Universe Is Product of Science & Moves/Works On Simple Pure Science ! & I'm Proud of this !!! Dump Old/ Out-Dated Concept of GODs & Religions ! -- Embrace Nature & Sustainable Science !! (SEE Website:- www.truths.blogsource.com) --- Come Out of Blind-Faiths, What Ever Has to be Done For Betterment, We will have to Do On Our Own - No God has Ever Come to Help, Nor Will Come, B/c there Is None !!!

    How Many of You Know that :-

    ---- There Is Provision In the - Parliament/ Constitution - that Any India Citizen Can Ask Questions On Any Issue - In Public Inetrest -- From the Govts = Centre/State - Simply By Writing -- A Letter -- to the Parliament/ State Assemblies ??? This Provision Was Done So that No Govt Can Ignore the Problems of Common Man -- No Need to Go to Area MP/MLA to Raise Qs. --- BUT -- Since Brahmins Wanted an Un-Bridgeable GULF b/w Govts & Non-Brahmin Indians - This Provision Was Kept - Hidden/ Secret/ Under Wraps By Brahmins !!! OoPs !

    How Advanced Criminals they Were/Are -- Just Think !

    -- Always Remember:- No System & Department Has Failed ! - But People In that System/ Department Has Failed It Deliberately B/c they don't Want Development & Justice For All Indians -- Whether It's -- Police, Politicians, Judiciary, IAS, Rest All ! People In the Power Go For -- Selective -- Usage & Not for All !

    ---- How Brahmans Prevents the Non-Brahman Hindus/ Rest CMs, Ministers, MPs, MLAs, From Uplifting the Non-Brahmans From Poverty, illiteracy ??? Simply - By Telling them (Non-Brahmans CMs/ MPs/ MLAs) -- that If You Will - Uplift them (Non-Brahman Hindus/ Rest) From Poverty -- They Will Dump - You (Non-Brahmans CMs/ MPs/ MLAs) - Once they are Developed. This Is Not True In Case of Non-Brahman Hindus/ Rest (NBHs/Rest) -- If You Help them (NBHs/Rest) AnyWay Chances are Very High, that they (NBHs/Rest) Will Keep Voting For You till they are Alive. ProoF: Why Middle Class/ Poor NBHs/Rest Still Vote for Congress ? - BUT - In Case of Brahmans, Even if You Give them (Brahmans) Your Blood & Kidney, Still Which Day Brahmans Will/Can Dump/Back-Stab You, You Don't Know !! - Don't Believe Just Observe Or Go through History, E.g.= Late Ex PM of India P.V.Narasimha Rao (An Orthodox Brahmin) Who Tried to Kill the Very Congress Party Which Made Him PM of India, So that RSS/BJP Could Gain/Grow B/c Only RSS/BJP Could Carry Forward the Hard-Core Brahminism Agenda ! It's Only Now that People Have Realised that P.V.Narasimha Rao Was First RSS/BJP's PM !! ---- Brahmans Main Concern -- Was/Is :- (i) If Non-Brahman Hindus/ Rest CMs, MPs/MLAs - Will Work For Development of Non-Brahman Hindus/ Rest (NBHs/Rest) -- THEN - They (NBHs/Rest CMs/MPs) Will Never Lose Elections, When they (NBHs CMs/MPs) Won't Lose Elections, they Will Discover their Strengths, After this they (NBHs CMs/MPs) Won't Dance to the Tunes of Brahmans ! Simple ! (ii) Brahmans Don't Want Developmental Politics to Take Root/Shape. (iii) That Development of Non-Brahman Hindus/ Rest Does Not Take Place at Any COST ! (iv) Brahmin Leaders Never Delays the Work of Fellow Brahmins that's Why Brahmins are Always United & In Power ! ------ Learn From this You Fools Non-Brahmin Hindus/ Rest Leaders/ Politicians ! - If You Won't Pull-Out Non-Brahmin Hindus/ Rest Indians From Poverty/ illiteracy - THEN - How Non-Brahmins Will Keep Voting & Supporting You For Long-Time AND Resist/Fight Brahminical Mafia Rule ??? Hungry Naked Sick People Never Fight ! If I Were a Politician, I Would Have Dumped Brahmins & Worked For 98% Non-Brahmin Indians and Remained In Power Till I'm Alive ! -- BUT -- Yes Orth. Brahmins & Media Will Declare -- It's Casteism Going On -- B/c When/Where Ever Brahminism Does Not Happens - It's Casteism they Always Cry !

    --- Take This: --- Child Development Project Officer = CDPO - When Jagannath Mishra (A Brahman) Was CM of Bihar, He set up this CDPO Department, In Which Only Brahmans Were Given Jobs Top to Bottom (that was Unconstitutional), When CM Lalu Pd. Yadav Came to Know of It (CDPO), He Cancelled All Previous Appointments & Ordered, Fresh Appointments Only For Women - Rightly So. It's Official can be Verified. -- Lalu Yadav - Deserve Credit For this ! --- Has - Any other Non-Brahman Hindu Leader (L.K.Advani, Gujarat CM Narendra Modi, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar/ Rest In BJP Or Uma Bharti ) - Guts To Do This ??? Plus: There Can be More Such Departments Both at Central/ States Levels. Secretly Educational Scholarships - Were - Are - Given to Brahmans Only By Both Govts.

    -- India's Ground Level Truths Are Like this Only - What Can I Do? Truths Are Always Difficult to Digest/ Believe ! --- Since Orthodox Brahmins Have only Practiced/Spread Hatred on Caste Lines - So they Deserve - the Same & No Sympathy ! If You are a Non-Brahmin Hindu/ Rest Indian -- Just Ask ONE Qs. TO Yourself --- Does INDIA Belongs to You the Way India Belongs to Orthodox Brahmins ??? Ans: Can Only Be --- NO, No, NO !

    ---- Take this:- Murder Accused - Kanchi Sankracharya = Jayendra Saraswati (an Orthodox Brahmin) Said In Police Custody = I will Eat Food Cooked by A Brahmin Only ! -- that Means All Non-Brahmin Hindus - Including Upper Caste Hindus Are Untouchables ! Means :- Apart From Brahmins Every Body Is Untouchables in this World for them ! OoPs ! -- Kanchi Sankracharya Jayendra Saraswati (KSJS) -- Has Raped Many Non-Brahmin Hindus Women - Who went to Seek Spiritual Peace/Healings -- One Being a Radio Jocky of Chennai (Tamil Nadu) - No One Dared to SpeakOut B/c his Political Contacts -- Even Gods ! -- Here Un-Touchability Didn't Come In the Way ??? This In Itself Is a Proof that -- There Is No God B/c If there Had Been God then Do You think a Religious Person Like Jayendra (KSJS) -- Would have Dared to Rape Women ??? That Also Mean HE (KSJS) Knows & Is Sure there Is No God, No Need to Fear ! BJP's Leader Sushma Swaraj Had Gone to Receive Him (KSJS) On BJP's Behalf - When KSJS was Released from Jail In SankerRaman Murder Case, as if He (KSJS) Was a Freedom Fighter ! RSS/BJP/ Orthx. Brahmins's Stand So Far In KSJS Case Is that: We Should Not Find - Faults - In Great Hindu Religious Persons - No Matter What Crime they Commit ! Advani Demanded the Case be Shifted from Tamil Nadu to Other State For Fair Trial (Fair Trial Means: Set Free KSJS !). RSS/BJP/ Orthox. Brahmins Say: We Hindus Should Treat Top Hindu Gurus like -- Chiristians Treats their Pope ! My Point: I don't Know About Others BUT We Non-Brahmin Hindus Can't Be - Such Fools ! All Who don't Find Faults In KSJS - Should Send their - Sisters, Daughters, Wives, Relatives to Seek - Spiritual Peace/Healings From KSJS - Including Sushma Swaraj ! OoPs !

    ---- Since 98% we Indians are Untouchables - So why they (Orthodox Brahmins) Live In the Land of Untouchables ??? In the Interest of 98 Crore General Public --- Why Doesn't Orthodox Brahmins - Leave India & Go where Ever they Want Voluntarily ??? ---- So that we 98 Crore ((980 Million) Untouchables Indians Can Live In Peace & with Dignity/Self Respect - Including the Open-Minded Brahmins Whom orthodox Brahmins Abuse & Calls - Khota Sikka (Fake Coins).

    ------ India's Past of 2000yrs Shows that Orthodox Brahmins Have Only -- Humiliated/ Kicked/ Exploited/ Cheated/ Fooled/ Killed/ Raped/ Sodomised/ Used like ChessMan (Mohra) ----- Us = Non-Brahmin Hindus/ Rest Indians --- With Blind/ Deaf/ Dumb Gods = Shiva/ Rama/ Krishna/ Others -- Present Everywhere - Including Temples/ Rest Places !

    ---- Time Has Come that:-

    ---- OBC/SC/ST/Muslims/Christians/ Buddhists/Rest Non-Brahmin Indians -- Should Come Together & Must Have -- their Own -- (i) 2-3; 24hrs News Channels at National Level, Fully Run/Controlled by OBC/SC/ST....Rest, (ii) News Papers, (iii) News/Informative Magazines --- B/c All are Victimised by Same People ----- B/c the Way 99.99% Media Has Become 100% Biased - Since Last May 2006 - In Favour of Anti-OBC-Quota People On Caste Lines --- Proves the URGENT Need For It ! When Ever Govts Want to Do Something for Non-/Brahmin/ Upper Castes - Indians - They Always Behave Like this to Force Govts to Stop their (OBC/SC/ST/Rest) Upliftments & Calls It Vote Bank Politics ! Means: Govts Should Only think & Care For Brahmins & their Slaves ! After all INDIA Belongs to them Only ! OoPs !

    ------- So I Call Up-On EveryBody Concerned, Whether you are a Leader Or Common Man Or IAS/IPS/Film Star, Help Set-Up Own Media -- B/c Only this Way Half the War Will be Won, this will be 1st Step In that direction ! B/c You Can't Expect the Present Brahmin/Upper Caste Based Biased Media to Raise Your Problems & Sufferings/Caste Based Exploitations ! These Biased Media Can't be Trusted ! The Way Present Media Has Reacted Like a Mafia - It Gives an Impression that those People Who will Benefit From OBC Quota - Are Not India BUT - illegal immigrants ! If You still think Present Media Can Be Trusted then you are Only Fooling Yourself !

    # That was Just Trailer See Below For Detail Now:- If You Can't SEE the Entire Blog THEN SEE/Click:- www.end-brahmans-rule.blog.co.uk Or http://zanjeer.blogspot.com

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  • Scanned Copy of News Magazine - OUTLOOK - Dated - 25/August/2005 - Page 52.

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    That RSS Was Directly Involved
    In Murded of Mahatma Gandhi !

  • Scanned Copy oF Magazine - FRONTLINE - Dated - 08/April/2005 - Page 37.

    Traitor Savarkar !

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    Proof:That V.D.Savarkar Was
    Involved In the Conspiracy
    Hatched to Kill Mahatma Gandhi
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